Head Instructor, Assistant Instructors and Alumni



Miss Aimee Maund is the Head Instructor of Focus Taekwon-Do which runs out of the Recreation Center in Chestermere, Alberta. Miss. Maund has been training, teaching and competing in TKD for over 17 years and is one of the only Focus members to have had direct training under General Choi Hong Hi; creator of Taekwon-Do. Miss. Maund is also the Vice President of the ICTF Canada West and voting member of the ICTF. Miss. Maund is well known in the martial art industry as she continues to lead her students to victory at competitions world wide. Some of Miss Maund’s achievements include 3 times Team Canada Member, 12 years consecutive City, Provincial, Western Canadian, International, and World cup champion in both sparring and power breaking. Miss Maund recently attended the 2011 World Cup Championships where she earned a $250.00 cash prize; and the 2011 Tri-Provincial Championships, earning a $250.00 cash prize along with the Grand Championship trophy.

Miss Rachel Seever, 3rd Dan Black Belt Shadow Warrior Program Lead

Miss. Seever has been training in Taekwon-Do for 9 years and has been an assistant teaching the Shadow Warrior program for the past 4 years; recently promoting to Shadow Warrior Lead. Miss. Seever is known for her gifted communication skills when working with children. Miss. Seever has been competing internationally for 9 years and was selected as a Team Canada member in 2007 where she achieved triple gold in team patterns; team sparring, and team board breaking as well as silver in individual patterns and bronze in individual sparring. Miss. Seever has managed to accomplish double medal placement at almost every tournament over the past 9 years at tournaments world wide. Miss Seever has a passion for working with children and her main focus is to teach children self confidence, self discipline, and self control. Miss. Seever’s most recent accomplishment was at the City Championships held on March 19th, 2011 where she achieved the Gold medal in patterns, and the Silver medal in the mixed gender sparring match. Miss. Seever will also be competing in Jasper, Alberta in May 2011 at the Western Canadian Championships where qualifications for the next Intercontinental Championships will take place.

Alyssa Kuruliak Jr 3nd Dan

Dean Wolf  2nd Dan

Gary Wilson 2nd Dan

Jonathan Verhulp 1st Dan

Andrea Verhulp 1st Dan

Anika Verhulp Jr 1st Dan

Ayana Hussein Jr 1st Dan


Miss Kelley Galloway, 2nd Dan Black Belt Shadow Warrior Assistant Instructor

gallowayMiss. Galloway has been training and competing in Taekwon-Do for the past 9 years and was selected to be a Team Canada member in 2007 where she achieved triple gold in team patterns, sparring, and board breaking as well as Silver in individual sparing and bronze in individual patterns. Miss. Galloway has recently promoted to Shadow Worrier Instructor where her love for children and teaching shine at each and every class. Miss Galloway’s most recent accomplishment was achieving the bronze medal in the mixed-gender sparing match at the City Championships held on March 19th, 2011. Miss. Galloway has been competing world wide for the past 9 years and has achieved double medal placement at almost every tournament. Miss. Galloway has a brilliant talent when working with children and has proven to be a strong asset to the Focus TKD family and Shadow Warrior Program.

DJ Giles Assistant Instructor, 2nd Dan Black Belt

DJ Giles is an Assistant Instructor for the Junior class alongside Ms. Maund. DJ had been training for 5 years and has taken gold, silver and bronze medals in sparring as well as silver and bronze medals in patterns in tournaments from cities, to provincials to westerns. DJ has been assistant instructing for two years and is also a registered referee and judge  with the ICTF.

Vickee Pon 2nd Dan

Jenner Giles Jr 2nd Dan

Lewey Giles Jr 2nd Dan

Chaten Jessel (CJ) Jr 1st Dan

Rowan Dupuis Jr 1st Dan